Grahame Morris MP

Member of Parliament for Easington

Why I Will Be Backing Lucy’s Law

January 18, 2018 Uncategorized 0

I am joining with dozens of other MPs from across party lines who are calling for an immediate ban on the sale of puppies by pet shops and other third parties. This proposal is following on from Labour’s election commitment last summer to ban the third party sale of puppies, with Theresa May having recently proposed a slightly watered-down version of this pledge.

With puppies being mass bred on farms and taken from their mothers at infancy, there is need to oppose and stop such dubious practices. We are seeing a complete lack of adequate or ethical welfare standards, which I believe is clearly inhumane.

Puppies removed from their mothers before weaning typically end up with underdeveloped immune systems. There are serious concerns about third party sales encouraging importation of puppies with all the potential risks surrounding the welfare of imported puppies. Puppies are often transported long distances in their formative weeks which can have serious negative results on their development and their behaviour.

The RSPCA has recently (and admirably) rallied around this cause, using its clout on animal welfare issues to promote an end to third party sales. So I think its time to eradicate these worrying breeding practices such as puppy farms and the trafficking of puppies.

Last year the government took a fairly small first step by banning the third party sale of puppies less than 8 weeks old, but I believe it is time to extend this ban to the third party sale of all puppies. It’s time to protect consumers from irresponsible breeders and if the government are unwilling to act, the next Labour government will be ready to introduce a ban on third party sales.

This should be part of a wider series of reforms to strengthen animal rights and root out unethical practices. So I will also be backing calls for the government to guarantee the EU bans on cat and dog fur imports and seal products are fully maintained after Brexit.