Grahame Morris MP

Member of Parliament for Easington

We need a People’s Budget to Rebuild Britain

October 29, 2018 Blog 0

We need a People’s Budget to Rebuild Britain.

Tory austerity has had far-reaching consequences. Universal Credit, the squeeze on family incomes and cuts to basic public services mean children go hungry, a fair days work does not necessarily deliver a fair days pay, and the sick and elderly remain trapped in hospital for the want of affordable and accessible social care.

The Tories are failing every generation, they are kicking away the ladders of opportunity for our young people. Eight years of unnecessary austerity has damaged our economy decimated the wages of working families while this government have prioritised tax cuts for corporations and the richest individuals at the expense of basic services, social care and dignity in retirement.

In East Durham, we live with the consequences of Tory austerity.

Our transport network is not fit for purpose and undermines efforts to regenerate our local economy with regular delays on the hazardous A19. Decent rail services and an extended modernised metro service seems more like a distant pipedream. Gridlock and queues of traffic on roads like Seaton Lane cry out for investment in our road network.

On housing, we find new developments are permitted against the wishes of local residents, while at the same time, older properties in Easington, Horden and Blackhall are allowed to fall into disrepair and dereliction, without the government invention or support needed for housing regeneration to deliver the homes of the future.

Like many communities, areas in East Durham are being starved of funding and investment. Thirty years after a Tory government closed our industry, took our jobs, and abandoned our communities.

East Durham has a beautiful coastline; we have the training facilities and the capacity to sustain new industries; and a well-established export network, that will be vital for attracting tourism and trade post-Brexit.

The Tories are failing Britain, they are failing the economy, and they are failing families in my constituency.

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, set out our radical alternative to empower communities and power a new British economy that meets the needs of people in East Durham and not anonymous boards of directors.

We need a People’s Chancellor; we need a People’s Budget; we need a Labour government to Rebuild Britain.

We need your support to defeat the Tories and Rebuild Britain.

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