Grahame Morris MP

Member of Parliament for Easington

The Government’s Failure To Prioritise Jobs in the North-East

January 31, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Unfortunately I am a bit under the weather and have lost my voice, for that reason I wasn’t able to speak in today’s Opposition day debate on the Government’s new assessments about the impact of Brexit on the economy.

Following the yesterday’s embarrassing leak of the summary assessments by Buzzfeed, I was relieved the government has conceded and is now planning to release the leaked impact assessments and plan to accept the resolution tabled by Labour.

This welcome step forward in government transparency hasn’t sadly been followed by any economic plans which benefit the North-East, or in fact any region of the country. The North East will be worst affected region followed by West Midlands then Northern Ireland. Particular industrial sectors that have a presence in our region including the chemical sector are likely to be amongst worst effected by a hard Brexit.

Every UK region would be negatively affected in all of the modelled scenarios, with the North East facing the biggest fall in economic performance.

Given that the government have been ignoring the consequences of a no-deal Brexit, the risk to my constituents presented by the government’s plans is critically high.

Economic analysis is never an exact science but supporters of the Tories’ hard Brexit plans seem to believe that we should just ignore any of the evidence or analysis and just hope that things will turn out okay.

When Treasury officials are arguing their own Brexit plans would lead to an 8% decline in GDP how can we not take that seriously?

Members of Parliament from all parties need to take these warnings seriously. That doesn’t mean we should believe everything we hear, but some of the Tory Brexiteers just won’t take the evidence seriously and that is surely a big risk to the living standards of people who live and work in Easington and the North East of England.