Grahame Morris MP

Member of Parliament for Easington

Police cuts undermine community safety

January 7, 2018 Blog 0

Thank you to everyone who contacted me over the violent attack on a taxi driver in Peterlee on New Year’s Eve.

I share your concerns about the increases in violent crime and the extreme cuts to police resources which has allowed lawlessness on our streets and lead to crimes not being investigated.

In October, the National Police Chief Council and Association of Police and Crime Commissioners warned that Government cuts to policing were hampering the fight against crime and terrorism. They called for another £440m in the Budget, warning that current spending plans could mean losing 6,000 police officers and accepting “higher risk for communities” and “a reduction in the service’s resilience to cope with major emergencies”.

In 2010, Theresa May stated “it is possible for the police to make significant reductions in their budgets without affecting frontline policing”, since that time over 20,000 police officers have been cut and 17,000 from the front line. Eight years on we are now living with the consequences of these decisions, with a lack of police resources impacting every part of our community safety.

Labour will support the police in the performance of their duties. We will provide officers, police community support officers and civilian staff with the equipment and people they need to provide effective policing services, including from the growing threat of cybercrime. We will work with them to ensure that our communities are safer for all of us.

Labour will recruit 10,000 more police officers to work on community beats, equivalent to at least one more for every neighbourhood in the country.

The cuts over the last eight years have been a political choice and what we need is a government with different priorities that will make difference political choices. Britain deserves better than a government which has caused chaos across our public services and underfunded defence, policing, health, education, transport and local government.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me and for sharing your views.