Grahame Morris MP

Member of Parliament for Easington

Grahame Morris MP backs Labour’s call to declare an environment and climate emergency

• Shadow Environment Secretary Sue Hayman has challenged the Government to declare an environment and climate emergency. • Announcement follows wave of similar council motions and youth climate school strikes nationwide. • Michael Gove refused to join Labour’s call. • Labour says our natural world is in “deep crisis” Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary declared a…
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April 1, 2019 0

Successful Grant Bid for Crimdon Coastal Hub

Easington MP Grahame Morris has congratulated Durham Heritage Coast Partnership on their successful funding bid for the Crimdon Coastal hub. Durham Heritage Coast Partnership secured a grant of £1.3 million towards a new Crimdon Coastal visitor and events hub. The £2.2 million scheme will act as a coastal volunteer, health, educations and information hub for…
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March 26, 2019 0

Period Dignity: Joint letter to the Chancellor

Dear Chancellor, We are relieved at the long overdue acknowledgment by the Government that it must take action to end period poverty. However we urge you to take a human rights approach to this issue and ensure universal free access to menstruating products in England, not just children at secondary schools and colleges. UNICEF says…
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March 19, 2019 0


On 11 October 2018, it was announced that 74 Crown post offices would be privatised to WHSmith. This is just one of several announcements over the years to close and privatise our post offices and the Communication Workers Union believes it amounts to a determined effort to end our post office network. In response to…
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March 13, 2019 0


Tony Benn in his diaries, More Time for Politics, gave a timely warning relevant to Brexit: “I have been disappointed and worried by a dangerous cynicism about parliamentary government; a cynicism strengthened by the suspicion that Britain [is] being managed and not represented and that voters could never be sure that they are being told…
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March 12, 2019 0

Period Dignity: Easington MP welcomes pre-Spring Statement announcement

Easington MP Grahame Morris has welcomed a pre-Spring Statement announcement to provide free sanitary products in English secondary schools. Mr Morris is a supporter of Unite the Unions Period Dignity campaign. The campaign calls for changes in our workplaces, our places of education, and in society to make sanitary products freely accessible to women and…
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March 12, 2019 0

Labour commits to indefinite tenancies for private renters

Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary John Healey has pledged that the next Labour Government will protect private renters in England from eviction with new ‘indefinite’ tenancies, based on rules currently in place in Germany. The change would revolutionise the private rental market. German tenancies last, on average, 11 years, compared to around 4 years in England.…
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March 9, 2019 0

International Women’s Day: Barbara Castle

In 1945, Barbara Castle was the youngest women to be elected in Labour’s post-war landslide, and became only the 4th British woman to sit in cabinet. She served as MP for Blackburn from 1945 to 1979, and until her record was broken in 2007, she was the longest serving MP in British history. Barbara Castle…
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March 8, 2019 0