Grahame Morris MP

Member of Parliament for Easington

MP calls for investment into Advanced Radiotherapy

October 24, 2018 Press Releases 0

In Health and Social Care departmental questions Grahame Morris asked the Government to invest in advanced radiotherapy, saving in excess of £20 million per year and improving patient outcomes.

When asked about advanced Radiotherapy Grahame said:

“NHS research showed that treating prostate cancer patients with 20 treatments instead of 37 was better for patients and would save the NHS in excess of £20M a year. However, the current tariff disincentives’ Trusts from saving this money as their income depends on numbers of treatments.

NHSE allow Trusts to use the radiotherapy equipment they have to move to even shorter treatments with 5 treatments, which is gradually being adopted world- wide for large numbers of prostate cancer patients and will save the NHS likely as much money again.

 A UK study published on Sunday described by CRUK as “monumental” showed an 11% improved survival with the use of radiotherapy in men with early stage prostate cancer. I hope the Government now support the modest 1.5% increase in radiotherapy funding called for to ensure all UK patients with prostate cancer can benefit from this effective cancer treatment.”

On Friday, a landmark UK study in prostate cancer was published showing an 11% increase in survival in men with early stage metastatic prostate cancer.

CRUK have described this as a monumental finding that could help thousands of men worldwide.

According to a PHE/CRUK document published in July about access to radiotherapy for prostate cancer at least 4% of men who receive prostate radiotherapy are outside the 45 minute travel time and are less likely to travel long distances for treatment. This means that men are likely being denied RT for prostate due to distanced travelled, highlighting the issue of access to advanced radiotherapy as well as access to any radiotherapy.

A meeting is planned with the Minister, Grahame and members of the APPG on Radiotherapy next week which will hopefully push the issue of Advanced Radiotherapy to the forefront of the Cancer Strategy.