Grahame Morris MP

Member of Parliament for Easington

East Durham Trust: The People’s Takeaway

October 23, 2017 Blog 0


On Thursday I raised The East Durham Trust’s initiative, ‘The People’s takeaway’ to the leader of the house who commended there work. She refused however to state what the Government will do to help the EDT and my constituents. I will not stop raising this issue as I believe it is important to look out for everyone in the community, especially with the recent rollout of Universal Credit.


  • The former Mining Community of East Durham is one of the UK’s most disadvantaged Communities
  • East Durham Trust has delivered over 2,000 food parcels in the last 12 months. The Trust has also fed over 2,000 Children as part of their Holiday Hunger provision
  • The need is growing—”Welfare Reform” is hitting the most vulnerable hardest and the introduction of Universal Credit will increase the need—more sanctions, more crisis
  • However hard we try current support has an effect on dignity and carries stigma