Grahame Morris MP

Member of Parliament for Easington

East Durham Job Crisis Worsens

July 17, 2012 Press Releases 0

Following the release of the latest unemployment figures Easington Grahame Morris MP hits out at Government inaction to stimulate economic growth and jobs in East Durham.

“I am still waiting for a detailed reply from the Prime Minister regarding the East Durham Job Crisis calling on him to support key private sector regeneration projects within the Easington constituency.

East Durham has seen an increase in the number of JSA claimants 605 higher than last years, and 37 higher than in May 2012. The number of unemployed claimants in Easington constituency in June 2012 stands at 3,232, and represents 9.7% of the economically active population.

East Durham claimant count remains consistently higher than the North East (7.9%), and national averages (5.3%).

The Government must do more to target support to those areas like East Durham that are most in need, however, all their actions to date have been counterproductive. The abolition of One North East, dismissing the Minister for the North East, and failing to match fund local projects is risking £124m, more than a third of the £326m European grant funding available to our region.

Easington has been denied an enterprise zone and support from the regional growth fund, while much more affluent areas such as Oxford, Cambridge and Kent, with far lower unemployment, benefit from new enterprise zones.

The Government has failed to support local business, overlooking Seaham for Portus Pilot funding, despite an excellent community led bid. There continues to be unjustifiable delays to large scale private sector regeneration projects for a new supermarket adjacent to Peterlee Town Centre, and the expansion of Dalton Park, Murton. These schemes would help to underpin existing investments and create over a thousand much needed jobs for local communities between them.

I hope the Prime Minister will accept my invitation to visit the Easington constituency and add his support to these projects.

We need a government that can show some courage, investing in lasting economic infrastructure, and supporting private sector projects within the East Durham area. The economic policies of the present Coalition Government are sadly lacking in this area”