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Member of Parliament for Easington

Mr Corvan’s Music Hall is touring the region!

After the success of Hadaway Harry, it’s time for Edward “Ned” Corvan (1827-1865), the first North East singer/songwriting superstar to take a bow! Mr Corvan’s Music Hall is touring the region in May/June, and it has its world premiere at Durham Gala Theatre on May 25, 26 and 27 (evening and matinee) before touring the…
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March 29, 2017 0

How will you make Earth Hour matter?

MPs are celebrating Earth Hour to send a message that they care about the natural world and help inspire their constituents to go beyond the hour to build a sustainable future for both people and the planet. FACT: 2016 was the hottest year on record for the third year in a row FACT: 16 of…
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March 24, 2017 0

Grahame Morris MP puts Easington’s heritage on the map

Heritage Lottery Fund reveal the impact of National Lottery investment in Easington and its position on the RSA’s Heritage Index I have been in touch with the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to learn more about the impact of National Lottery investment in my constituency and where it’s ranked on the RSA’s 2016 Heritage Index. Produced…
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March 20, 2017 0

Grahame Morris MP supports NHS bill to put an end to privatisation

MP Grahame Morris has expressed his support for the NHS Bill currently going through parliament. The NHS Bill is a Private Member’s Bill introduced by Margaret Greenwood MP. The aim of the Bill is to return the NHS to its founding principles as a publicly-owned, planned and managed National Health Service. The Bill reverses the…
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March 1, 2017 0

Grahame Morris MP pledges to help end the ‘cold homes crisis’ in Easington

I am proud to be supporting charity National Energy Action’s Fuel Poverty Awareness Day by pledging to do more to tackle cold homes. In Easington alone 4217 households are believed to be in fuel poverty. Fuel Poverty Awareness Day is a national campaign to highlight the problem of fuel poverty, which currently sees over four…
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February 17, 2017 0

Grahame Morris MP calls for urgent action to tackle Lyme Disease as concerns mount

Grahame Morris has today called for urgent action to tackle Lyme Disease. Lyme disease, or Lyme Borreliosis, is a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks. However, concerns have been raised that the true number of people suffering from Lyme Disease is not known, and that there needs to be greater awareness of the…
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February 13, 2017 0

Easington MP backs breathing space for families in problem debt

Easington MP Grahame Morris has backed calls for a new scheme to help thousands of families regain control of their finances as data from the Bank of England shows unsecured household debt rising at its fastest rate since the financial crisis. Debt often strikes when people experience sudden changes in circumstances such as job loss…
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February 6, 2017 0

MP demands tougher action against dog fighting

Dog fighting was outlawed almost 200 years ago. Yet, shockingly, it is still happening today. The BBC, working with the League Against Cruel Sports and the RSPCA, have revealed that nearly 5,000 calls about organised dog fighting in England and Wales have been made to the RSPCA since 2006. 91 of these calls came from…
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January 25, 2017 0

Grahame Morris MP supports Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Easington MP Grahame Morris is supporting Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’s call for action to increase cervical screening uptake rates. Cervical screening uptake is now at a 19-year low, and more women each year are being diagnosed with cervical cancer. Commenting ahead of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, Grahame Morris MP said: “I am very concerned that…
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January 24, 2017 0

Labour’s pledge for a real living wage

Labour believes in a full and proper wage for a working day. That’s why we are committing to introducing a statutory real Living Wage. The next Labour Government will ensure that everyone in Easington will earn enough to live on. Failed Tory austerity has produced a low-wage, low-investment, high-debt economy in which productivity is stagnating.…
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November 4, 2016 0