Grahame Morris MP

Member of Parliament for Easington

Grahame Morris MP supports NHS bill to put an end to privatisation

March 1, 2017 Press Releases 0

MP Grahame Morris has expressed his support for the NHS Bill currently going through parliament.

The NHS Bill is a Private Member’s Bill introduced by Margaret Greenwood MP.

The aim of the Bill is to return the NHS to its founding principles as a publicly-owned, planned and managed National Health Service.

The Bill reverses the core changes of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which are leading to the break up and privatisation of the NHS.

It provides for the integration of health and social care, removes the costly and inefficient internal market and transfers PFI debt to the Treasury, allowing hospitals to get on with the job of treating patients.

Grahame said:

“The public is well aware of the damage being caused to the NHS by this government’s cuts.

“People in Easington are rightly concerned about the future of healthcare in the region.

“What is less well known is the impact that the 2012 Act is having on the NHS across England.

“As a result of that Act, NHS hospitals in England are now allowed to make up to 49% of their money out of private patients. This is just wrong; an increase in private patients in NHS hospitals will clearly mean longer waiting times for NHS patients.

“The 2012 Act passed by the Tories and Liberal Democrats also means that the NHS no longer has to provide a comprehensive service. As a result, we are seeing the rationing of services such as hip replacements and cataract operations.

“We are also seeing an increase in the number of contracts going to private companies, with the cherry-picking of services by private providers undermining the NHS and threatening the pay and conditions of NHS staff.

“The NHS Bill aims to stop the privatisation of the NHS, remove competition and the profit motive as a driver of policy and return it to its founding principles based on a sense of public service.”

“It really is important we make a stand and call on the government to put a stop to the privatisation of our National Health Service and support the NHS Bill.”